Friday 27 September
Hotel Flottes de Sébazan
Place Gambetta

Welcome to this exciting art sale where you can find wonderful works by local and international artists at a fantastic price.
Each work is for sale at the unique price of 50 Euros and as they are only signed on the back, you have to buy with your eyes.  So it’s Spot the Artist!

All works have been kindly donated by the artists to raise funds for “Imagine for Margo”, a French charity which supports research into childhood cancers.

Pictures have already started to arrive and they are all amazing.

These are just the start ! It's going to be an exciting sale. Please can you help us by sending the attached information to all your friends.  We hope to welcome lots of friendly faces  on Friday  September 27th .
The response from artists has been overwhelming.  We are truly grateful for their generosity - so now we need lots of art lovers to join us on  Friday 27th September  to raise as much money as possible for  "Imagine for Margo ". We want to make a difference.  
Looking forward to seeing you there and "thank you " in advance.   

Artists already committed to contributing include ...

Jane Appleton
Alex McCormick
Nicholas Poullis
George Willet
Jenny Curra
Bo Stephens
Jean- Pierre Loeffler
Karen Garcia
Gerard Garcia
Diana White
John White
Joanna du Bedat
Henny Ebben
John Platings
Peter Wheeler
Barbara Heffernan
Nicola Russell
Aude Jonquere d'Oriola
Marie-Christine Marty
Miranda Halsby
Julian Halsby
Andy Bridge
Jennifer Griffith
David Crosson
Emmanuelle Jamme
Marjory Mulrooney
Berenice Mollet
Peter  Glynn-Smith
Ed Jenkins
Margot  Paris
Catherine Pergay
Charles Cullen
Jean Menard
Monta Radvilaviča
Nicholas Kay
Dominique Caby
Peter Maher
Carita Savolainen
Ludovic Vesseaux
Victoria Arney
Rouxanne Bredenkamp
Roselyne  Baron
Eamonn  Robbins
Mathilde Holloway
Sarah Risley
Nick Talbot
Simon Fletcher
Emmanual Flipo
Tony Gaunt
Rebecca Holtom
David Latham
Thea Sieger-Girard
Bo Markenholm
Véronique Born   vé
Gerd  Mairandres
Erzsi Lyne de Ver
Simon Roberts
Peter Austen 
Augustin Dufour 
Marie Dufour 
Kath Orsman 
Norida Midavaine
David Nielsen 
Emily Poullis
Sarah Poullis
Hilda Wong
Philippe Morlighem
Nikki Bonsergent
Jessie Jones 
Chris Woodhouse 
Pauline Davidson 
Kristina Perminger
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